Celebrating 25 Years of Supporting Business Owners Across America with a Proven Professional Management System

Aileron is a nonprofit organization that believes professional management – a systematic way to run a business – can empower businesses to thrive in any environment. We help business owners grow in professional management so they can lead with competence and confidence, increase team satisfaction, and build sustainable, thriving organizations. In supporting America’s small business owners, Aileron changes the lives of families and communities across the nation.

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“Aileron is a support system for business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking some kind of advice for how to grow or strategically manage their businesses.”

Renee Hoderlein, Owner of Maximum Fire Protection

Founded on the Belief that Small Businesses Improve Lives and Raise the Quality of Life

In aviation, an aileron is the moveable part of the wing that allows an airplane to maintain balance, control, and lift. This concept is the namesake for our organization. We work with private business owners to help them achieve balance, control, and lift in their businesses. Also akin to an airplane, we use a proven systematic approach to help them step back from the day-to-day to get a 30,000-foot view of their business.

Since our founding in 1996 by entrepreneur Clay Mathile and the parallel launch of our flagship program, Course for Presidents®, we’ve welcomed thousands of private business owners from across America into our community – and yet we know our true impact is seen not just in the work we do with them, but the way their businesses create jobs and stability for families and communities across America.

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Growing Businesses Across America with a Proven Professional Management System

Partway through his entrepreneurial journey as the owner of the Iams company, Clay Mathile set out on another dream – building a community of trusted mentors to support small business owners who practice professional management. He believed that when entrepreneurs performed the noble act of putting their own capital at risk, they were also maintaining our country’s wealth, freedom, and prosperity.

Clay founded Aileron to continue his work of honoring, studying, and supporting the entrepreneurial journey. His learnings laid the foundations for Aileron’s DOC System, our unique approach to professional management. He went on to document his leadership approach and the thinking behind the DOC System that enabled him to grow the Iams Company from $500K to $1 billion in Run Your Business, Don’t Let It Run You, a practical guide to living professional management and building a thriving business.

We Are a Thriving Community of DOC System Practitioners

Aileron has welcomed thousands of businesses into our community through our flagship program, Course for Presidents, which onboards business owners to the DOC System. We continue to support our members’ professional management journeys through offering business-building workshops and one-on-one coaching and building a community for professionally managed organizations to learn and grow together.

Business owners have regained control of their business through Course for Presidents and professional management.
Leaders visit Aileron annually to attend workshops, meet with coaches, or use campus to work on their business.
States represented in our national community of private business leaders.

Businesses that are Part of Our Community

Insights into Aileron Community Member Journeys

Marisa O’Neill

RetireMEDiQ’s – Miamisburg, Ohio

Bridging the Leadership Gap: How RetireMEDiQ’s Marisa O’Neill Navigated Stepping into the Shoes – and Mentality – of a CEO

Doing the work of a CEO is one thing; feeling like a CEO is a whole different ballgame. We hear that sentiment a lot at Aileron, especially from young leaders who are fresh in their roles. While imposter syndrome – the self-limiting belief that you’re…

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Mark Brumfield

HEAPY – Dayton, Ohio

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: How HEAPY Transformed Their Entire Business by Prioritizing Culture

When you’re a leader and you can just feel that work isn’t working as smoothly as it could be for the team, what’s your first step? Finding the time to answer that question – to reflect on the business, the team, your own role, and…

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Meet Our Team

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  • Erika Alessandrini
    Leadership Coach
    Erika Alessandrini
    Leadership Coach

    Erika lights up when she sees people step into the next best version of themselves. She’s energized by all things business, random acts of kindness, and people who pay it forward. Equally candid and compassionate with a strong, genuine curiosity, Erika has been referred to as a “modern day renaissance woman” because of her pioneering spirit and eclectic interests.

    Erika joined the Aileron community in 2019 to surround herself with like-minded leaders who share a passion for calling people, businesses, and organizations to be the best versions of themselves. Prior to Aileron, Erika spent 23 years in the automotive aftermarket and participated in four post-acquisition integrations at the executive level. Through those experiences, Erika learned why most leaders fall short, give up, or burn out. She went on to start her own coaching business in 2015.

    You can find Erika in her home with her husband and kids, entertaining family and friends, and finding any excuse to gather a group for a shared meal. Carrying on her mother’s tradition, there is always a seat at her family’s table.

  • Lindsey Bahr
    Director of Finance & Administration
    Lindsey Bahr
    Director of Finance & Administration

    Lindsey joined Aileron in 2018, ready to use her skills and passion to support Aileron’s mission of helping private businesses all over the country thrive through professional management. Raised by small business owners, Lindsey is no stranger to the special joy, pain, and reward of running your own business. And it’s this unique perspective and understanding that made her so eager and equipped to join the Aileron team.

    As Director of Finance & Administration, Lindsey is responsible for accounting and finance functions while also managing tax and regulatory compliance. She’s well-equipped to do so, with Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance, an MBA with accounting concentration, and a CPA license.

    When out of the office, she enjoys attending sporting events with her husband and daughter, especially University of Dayton basketball games. She also loves spending time with family and friends and exploring her community through local events and restaurants.

  • Marjorie Blanchard, Ph.D.
    Board of Trustees
    Marjorie Blanchard, Ph.D.
    Board of Trustees

    Dr. Blanchard has earned a reputation worldwide as a compelling motivational speaker, an accomplished management consultant and trainer, a best-selling author, and an entrepreneur. She was the co-recipient with her husband, Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, of the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Cornell University.

    Coauthor of The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life and Working Well: Managing for Health and High Performance, and Leading at a Higher Level, Dr. Blanchard is well-versed in a variety of topics and often speaks on leadership, balance, managing change, aging parents, and life planning. As cofounder of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, she works diligently with Ken, developing the company into one of the premier management consulting and training companies in the world. Dr. Blanchard served as president of the company from 1987–1997, leading its rapid growth and success.

    Marjorie now heads the firm’s unique Office of the Future—a think tank charged with shaping the future of both the training industry and the company.

    Dr. Blanchard received her bachelor and master degrees from Cornell University and her doctorate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • Bryan Bueltel
    Business Advisor
    Bryan Bueltel
    Business Advisor

    Bryan believes that small businesses are the foundation of our economy and have a high impact on people’s lives and the local community. He’s excited about his work with Aileron because he loves building businesses and helping people grow.

    Bryan joined the Aileron community as a client in 2009, and finds joy in giving back and continuing to learn now as a business advisor.

    Bryan is entrepreneurial, strategic, and team oriented. He feels energized when the team wins, whether it’s a new opportunity, successful launch, or going live with a project that the team worked hard on.

    Prior to Aileron, Bryan worked at Deloitte Consulting, where he helped health care companies work on strategy, information technology solutions, and improving operations. After Deloitte, he joined Columbia Engineered Rubber, where he became a partner in the business and over time, purchased half of the company. His brother and business partner acquired the other half, and together they sold the company in 2014.

    You can find Bryan spending time with his wife, Robyn, and their two sons, Jake and Carter. They stay busy with school activities and sports. Bryan enjoys exercise, playing cards, racquet sports, and managing investments in stock and real estate.

  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor, Facilitator
    Tony Collins
    Business Advisor, Facilitator

    Over the last 25 years, Tony has started, turned-around or helped grow over five different small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries.

    At the age of 26, Tony founded a non-regulated energy service subsidiary of DPL, Inc. that he quickly led to profitably during its first year of operations. Having led on one subsidiary to profitability, Tony was tapped by DPL Inc.’s CEO to lead the turnaround of a technology subsidiary where he executed a new strategy that resulted in a 200% increase in sales and the subsidiary’s first profit. Tony left DPL Inc. after a 15-year career to help grow an early and pioneering internet start-up.

    Prior to startingTurningPoint Strategy over 10 years ago, Tony was Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Product Development for Cadence Network, a web-based cost management company that attracted $14 Million in venture funding. Tony was the architect behind the strategy that shifted Cadence Network into high-growth attracting such marquee clients as The Limited, Footlocker, Blockbuster Video, and AT&T Wireless. Forbes Magazine selected Cadence as Best of The Web B2B due in a large part to Tony’s strategy innovation and leadership.

    At TurningPoint Strategy, Tony is an expert in growth strategy development, planning, execution and strategic marketing. Tony has authored a series of small business strategy workshops and presentations that he has delivered throughout the U.S. He also authors a blog called Big Strategy for Small Business. Tony is often called upon by business leaders for advice and input how and where to strategically grow their business.

    Tony received his BS in Marketing from WSU, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Dayton. Tony serves or has served on several non-profit and for-profit boards in his community.

    Tony is an avid runner, competitive tennis player and chef wannabe that lives in Lebanon, Ohio with his wife Janet and his daughters Lindsey and Maddie.

  • Lois Elrich
    Leadership Coach
    Lois Elrich
    Leadership Coach

    Lois came to Aileron hoping to learn to run her business, Solid Blend, the right way. Captivated by Aileron’s focus on corporate culture and leadership development, Lois is now a facilitator and leadership coach for Aileron’s Becoming a More Conscious Leader program.

    As a leadership coach, Lois helps clients overcome obstacles that get in the way of growth. Lois has a knack for asking the right questions to get to the heart of issues. Around the office, she’s known for being a thoughtful listener and approaching each day with energy and kindness. She has a heart for people and is happiest spending time with her husband Ken, three sons and their wives, and grandkids. Passionate about personal growth, Lois also enjoys reading and spending time at the gym.

    Lois believes that every member of the team has a vital contribution in completing strategic initiatives. At Aileron, Lois lives out her passion to develop teams and professional culture centered around mutual values. You can connect with Lois on LinkedIn or by email.

  • Joni Fedders
    President, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Joni Fedders
    President, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a past business owner, Joni understands the risks, rewards, and challenges that ownership and professional management bring.  She had the opportunity at Iams as a Brand Manager to live in a professionally managed organization where she saw first hand how strategy, strong leadership and culture can fuel a company to do great things.

    After Iams, Joni co-founded a technology services company and became an Aileron client herself, taking the Course for Presidents, establishing an outside Board of Directors and utilizing strategic planning.  The company grew from 2 to 100 employees in five years, was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Cincinnati Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was named by the Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in the region.  After selling this business, she and her husband just couldn’t stop and bought a second business in decorative packaging that they operated for seven years before successfully selling.

    In her role as President, Joni oversees Aileron’s strategic direction, culture and operational activities. Her leadership and energy inspire and motivate the Aileron team and the community as we strive to raise the quality of life, one private business at a time.

    Joni was honored with the “Forty Under Forty” award and received her bachelor’s degree in business from Miami University (the real one, in Ohio).  She obtained her MBA from Xavier University.  As college sweethearts, Joni and her husband Jim have been married for 27 years; they have three great children, a golden retriever and a small mutt who thinks he’s a cross between a mastiff and a pit bull.  Family time is a crucial priority for Joni and they enjoy skiing, tubing, running, fishing, sports, eating Chipotle (don’t ask Joni to cook – she can’t), family events and vacations.

  • Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Wes Gipe works with business owners and their teams as a trusted facilitator, business advisor and coach. Known for his enthusiasm and high-energy approach, Wes’s willingness to boldly approach tough issues and go the extra mile have gained him loyal clients who look to him for help with strategic planning, leadership and culture development, and conflict resolution.

    Wes started his journey as an Aileron client in 2008. After applying Aileron’s Professional Management principles to build a self-managing company, he now spends much of his time helping other organizations—big and small—build a strategy that endures. Through this work, he has logged over 9,000 coaching hours with more than 500 individuals throughout North America and Europe. His work has been featured in Forbes as well as other national media outlets. Wes resides in Miami County, OH with his wife and three rambunctious boys.

  • Lito Hernandez
    Maintenance Specialist
    Lito Hernandez
    Maintenance Specialist

    Have you ever been here when it snowed and you went out to your car and it was cleaned off?  As our resident Maintenance Specialist, Joselito (Lito) Hernandez is responsible for the maintenance indoors and outdoors. And he always goes that extra mile for staff and clients.  He manages vendors and contractors in providing service to the campus, in addition to assisting the Facility Manager in managing the daily operations of the campus.

    But that’s not all and you may want to reconsider if you have any sinister plans for Aileron.  Lito retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service. He was an infantryman and held key leadership positions from Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant to Platoon Commander. He has led combat ready Marines in the state of Bahrain and his platoon was part of the security force of Naval Support Activity Bahrain, which is headquarters of the Fifth Fleet. His platoon was responsible for protecting 3,500 American lives and property on a daily basis. A squad of his Marines played a vital role in the security, safety and recovery of the USS Cole in Yemen after it was attacked. Lito has extensive training and experience in physical security, force protection, tactical response, counter-espionage and anti-terrorism methods and responses. Now you know why when anything happens on campus we all run behind him.

    Lito has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice Science from Sinclair Community College, a certification in “Building Operators Course (B.O.C.): Level I” and is a Certified Pool / Spa Operator. He is devoted to his 4 gorgeous children and 1 grandson.

  • Megan Hershberger
    Assistant Brand Manager
    Megan Hershberger
    Assistant Brand Manager

    Megan has always been passionate about connecting with individuals and finding solutions to their needs. Her natural curiosity and desire to help others brought her to Aileron as an Assistant Brand Manager. She is thrilled to be a part of a team that is dedicated to continuous improvement and the success of our community members.

    As part of the Research and Development team, Megan is responsible for managing project plans, supporting our products and services, and conducting research. She is most excited to collaborate with her coworkers as Aileron continues to evolve alongside our community.

    Megan is a graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, with minors in Marketing and Business. She is a proud Bobcat and loves any excuse to talk about Athens! On a typical Saturday you can find her walking with her dog, tackling a home project, grilling outside with her husband, or planning her next adventure with friends!

  • Chuck Huggins
    Chief Operating Officer, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Chuck Huggins
    Chief Operating Officer, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    As Aileron’s Chief Operating Officer, Chuck’s passion for helping business owners is palpable. He loves finding ways to help Business Owners drive professional management throughout their entire organization. He strives to make it a real, practical living system that not only helps the business owner but their employees as well. Chuck and his team are always improving our processes. From helping clients create a board of advisors to offering one on one Business Advisor support and coaching – they are constantly looking at ways to improve the process to help you professionally manage your company.
    Stop by Chuck’s office and tell him how professional management has improved your life – he’ll sit and listen to you all day. Then he’ll give all the credit to his team. And, if you’re not careful, he may encourage you to tell others your story and help another business owner because he’s also in charge of our Contributors – those awesome folks who share their time, talents and treasures with Aileron.
    Since selling his HVAC business, Chuck has focused on Aileron’s mission of unleashing the potential of private businesses. One way he’s done this is by spending hundreds of hours learning to become a Certified Executive Leadership Coach. Now Chuck enjoys coaching others to unleash their own personal potential as well.
    If he’s not in his office, then he’s probably fishing, so check the pond. If he’s not there, then he’s with his wife and kids either running a marathon, or attending one of their many sporting events.
  • Tami Jones
    Facility Manager
    Tami Jones
    Facility Manager

    As the Facility Manager, Tami’s primary focus is to maintain the campus to the highest standard possible. Tami manages the maintenance, improvements, safety, security, catering, and daily operations of the physical space and site of Aileron to ensure the campus provides an enjoyable experience for all.  She is the champion of the campus recycling program and of every living creature that walks, struts, flies, slithers or trots on the property. A lot of Tami’s work is performed behind the scenes so you may not see her, but be assured the pristine appearance of the campus is a direct result of her efforts.

    If Tami is not zip lining with her husband Jody and their two sons, then they are out motorcycling, four wheeling, sledding, swimming, canoeing, walking their adorable pit bull Laya or playing with their two grandchildren.  If it’s outside, she’s all about it.

    Tami comes to us from KTH Parts Industries where she worked in an automotive manufacturing environment. Prior to KTH, she spent 20 years at W.B. Marvin Manufacturing honing her keen mechanical mind.

  • Todd Kelchner
    Board of Trustees
    Todd Kelchner
    Board of Trustees

    Todd Kelchner retired in 2017 as the CEO of Kelchner Incorporated, headquartered in Springboro, Ohio. Kelchner is an industry leader in heavy and civil construction and, under Todd’s leadership, has grown to be one of the top 20 excavation firms in the country.

    Todd started full time with Kelchner after college in 1976 as an estimator, advancing to President in 1982 and CEO in 2006. Since taking control of Kelchner, and with the help of Aileron, Todd grew the organization from $500,000 in annual sales to over $110,000,000 as of 2015. He proactively entered the Eastern Ohio oil and gas market in 2011, establishing Kelchner as an oil and gas industry leader. Todd accomplished this while also continuing to grow Kelchner’s traditional site preparation services.

    Todd sold the Excavation business in 2015 to a worldwide public company from Aberdeen, Scotland called Wood Group. Todd has previously served on the boards of Skilled Trades, Inc., the Eagles Forum, Wolf Creek Company, The Ohio Public Works Commission as chair and the Associated Builders and Contractors where he also served as chair.

    Todd currently serves on the boards of Aileron, the Duncan Oil Company, Mosby Building Arts, and Turner Property management. He is also active in two non-profits in downtown Dayton as Board Chair of the Life Enrichment Center and board member for The Gospel Mission.

  • Jack Lohbeck
    Business Advisor
    Jack Lohbeck
    Business Advisor
    Jack Lohbeck began serving on an advisory board for an Aileron client in 2002. Since that time, he has served on four additional boards in that capacity. In 2011, Jack began facilitating several of Aileron’s programs including Becoming an Effective Board Member as well as Interpreting Your Financial Results. In 2014, he expanded his involvement by becoming a Business Advisor assisting business owners and presidents intent on implementing professional management within their organizations.
    Since 2005, in his role as a senior business consultant for Battelle Rippe Kingston LLP, a firm based in Dayton, Ohio, Jack has been assisting companies and organizations engage in corporate planning, with a focus on prioritizing issues and strategies. He also provides expert guidance on financial and operational matters; drawing on 27 years of corporate experience with both privately held and publicly traded companies. Jack has served as Vice President of Finance and Administration for the eastern region of Utility Services Inc. USI is a wholly owned subsidiary of MDU Resources Inc., a diversified energy company. Prior to this position, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of the Wagner Group of Companies in Dayton Ohio. Wagner Smith was a privately held company founded in Dayton in 1917. The Wagner Group of Companies engaged in electrical and mechanical construction as well as equipment manufacturing and leasing. During the 1990’s, revenue from operations grew from $18 million to over $100 million in 2000. On July 2nd of that year, MDU Resources, a publicly traded company, acquired Wagner-Smith and related Companies.
    Jack is active in the community as past president of The Rotary Club of Dayton, board member of Rebuilding Together Dayton, and a board member of The Miami Valley Hospital as well as Premier Health. He has been an instructor in accounting at Sinclair Community College and has also served as an adjunct professor at the University Of Dayton School Of Law. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Nicole Dalichau
    Director of Research & Development
    Nicole Dalichau
    Director of Research & Development

    Nicole was blessed to start working at Aileron as an intern while finishing her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Leadership at University of Dayton. Since then, she attended the Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications and Human Relations, became certified in Compression Planning and as an Internal Strategic Planning Process Owner.

    Nicole’s fellow Aileron team members call her the “likeable geek”. Why? She loves to learn. As the Director of Research and Development, this unbridled curiosity helps her uncover new approaches and philosophies that push Aileron forward. Outside of the office, Nicole’s passion for learning pushes her to read books, listen to podcasts, and digest all the helpful insights she can. From a “non-geeky” perspective, she enjoys a good run, yoga, fitness classes, ballroom dancing (particularly cha-cha or waltz), watching the Pittsburgh Penguins, trying new places to eat in the Dayton area, and checking items off her dream list.

    Working at Aileron frees Nicole to live her personal mission each day: to create places and context for people to do their best thinking.

    Follow her on twitter @niluisi or connect with her on LinkedIn.

  • Clay Mathile
    Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees
    Clay Mathile
    Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees

    Clay’s success story began in 1970 when he became the seventh employee of The Iams Company. By 1982 the owner, animal nutritionist, Paul Iams was ready to retire. He convinced Clay, and his wife, Mary, to raise enough capital to buy his company. As new owners, the Mathiles faced a myriad of small business challenges, but thanks to dedicated employees, loyal customers, and Clay’s innovative leadership, Iams became a world leader in dog and cat nutrition in less than a decade. In 1999, the Mathile family sold Iams to international conglomerate Procter & Gamble for $2.3 billion. Today, Clay attributes his commitment to professional management principles as a key reason for the phenomenal growth of Iams.

    Dedicated to inspiring others to be lifelong learners, Clay is the author of two books: Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You, and his autobiography, Dream No Little Dreams. Clay remains active in several business ventures. To manage and grow the family’s wealth, Clay and Mary established CYMI Holdings, a Family Office based in Dayton. Clay maintains that his most-important roles are as husband, father of five, and grandfather of 15. Life as a family man has led to yet another dream and vision for the future: “A Family United Forever.”

  • Mike Mathile
    Board of Trustees
    Mike Mathile
    Board of Trustees

    Mike Mathile is a family business executive and private investor with experience in strategic positioning and family asset management. As Chairman of CYMI Holdings, Mike provides strategic leadership and management acumen to the Mathile Family’s business entities.

    Mike holds Board of Director positions and advisory board seats in a number of portfolio companies including: CSAFE Global and MyScript.

    Prior to the positions listed above, Mike was the President and Chief Executive Officer at CSafe Global, formerly known as AcuTemp Thermal Systems, a Dayton-based, world-leader in energy efficient cold chain technology solutions. He is also Chairman of MyScript, the world’s most advanced technology for handwriting recognition and digital ink management.

    Mike holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University.

    He currently serves on various for and non-profit boards, as well as the Advisory Council for the Institute for Church Life-Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to his business career, Mike played professional baseball with the Montreal Expo and Cincinnati Reds.

    Mike and his wife reside in the Dayton Region and have four children.

  • Timothy Mathile
    Board of Trustees
    Timothy Mathile
    Board of Trustees

    Tim serves as Co-Chair and President of the Mathile Family Foundation Board of Trustees. In addition to these positions, he has started or assisted in the start-up of multiple ventures and now holds equity positions in a number of other entities.

    After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University in 1987 and an MBA from Xavier University in 1991, Tim and his wife, Peg, purchased Franklin Brazing & Metal Treating, which provides brazing and annealing services to the automotive, appliance, lawn and garden, and power-generation industries. In 2008, he founded Coblynau Partners, a private equity company whose mission is to assist business owners in pursuing their dreams. He has retired from both of these endeavors.

    Tim is the Chair of the Mathile Family’s Governance Committee. He has been active on both for-profit and non-profit boards. He actively serves as a Trustee on the board of Aileron, The Mathile Family Foundation, Summit Country Day School and the Franciscan Media Advisory Board. Previously, he has been a Trustee/Director for the Mathile Family Office, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Cincinnati Zoo Foundation, Cincinnati Art Museum, Summit Country Day School, Life Success Seminars, St. Anne’s Convent Development Board, and ONU Engineering Advisory Board. He is also an alumni of Leadership Cincinnati – Class XXV.

    Tim has been married to Peg Mathile for over 25 years and is the proud father of two incredible daughters. He enjoys traveling with his family, attending his daughters’ activities, and learning about anything new. His lifetime ambition is to do the most with the blessings and gifts God has bestowed upon him.

  • Rachel Markley
    Client Engagement Team
    Rachel Markley
    Client Engagement Team

    Rachel is enthusiastic about her role at Aileron, where she gets to interact with the people who make up the heartbeat of Aileron! She’s passionate about providing outstanding customer service and a smile to every person that walks into Aileron.

    The thing that attracted Rachel to Aileron the most was their heart to see small business owners succeed. She loves coming to work knowing Aileron’s campus is full of people looking to give their knowledge and experience to help take someone’s business to the next level.

    A few things you might find Rachel doing at Aileron are: managing various events, supporting our Business Advisors, greeting people at the front desk, getting to know our clients, or walking around the pond with Dutch (our campus dog).

    Rachel is a Tipp City, Ohio native and is a homebody at heart! She does enjoy traveling and discovering new places, one of her favorite locations yet being the beautiful state of Maine. On the weekends, you might find her knee deep at an antique store, making memories with her friends, or making her house into a home!

  • Krista Powell
    Brand Manager and Leadership Coach
    Krista Powell
    Brand Manager and Leadership Coach

    As the daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs, Krista is no stranger to the challenges small business owners face. Given her background, she is passionate about professional management and believes it has the power to raise the quality of life for business owners, their families, their organizations, and whole communities.

    In fact, Krista believes in private businesses so strongly, that she recently co-founded a marketing and design company with her husband.

    In her role as Brand Manager, Krista is responsible for the oversight, development, marketing, and continual improvement of Aileron brands, products and services. Krista’s natural curiosity leads her to be constantly learning. As a result, Krista has her Bachelor of Science in Marketing, an MBA, and she’s a Certified Professional Coach. Krista’s highest calling, sparked by being a former Girl Scout and a Delta Zeta alumnae, is to leave the world better than she found it, by making a difference in the lives of those she touches.

    Outside of Aileron, you can find Krista with her husband, Jon, and children, Jackson and Mackenzie. She loves spending time with family and friends, trying new things, traveling, being outside, decorating, and reading.

  • Kristen Rhoads
    People Engagement Manager
    Kristen Rhoads
    People Engagement Manager

    Kristen has always found her purpose in helping others discover the meaning behind what they do. Open-minded and creative, she joined Aileron to focus on people—and as the daughter of a small business owner, she has a soft spot for the community that Aileron serves.

    Described by her coworkers as goofy, easygoing, and empathetic, Kristen can find common ground with everyone. As Aileron’s People Engagement Manager, Kristen devotes her days to developing relationships with Aileron’s many contributors—passionately seeking to understand their perspective, show them their value, and learn from their motivation. Kristen’s heart for people is also evident as she invests in her local Cincinnati community with friends, family, and her husband, Jason. She also loves hiking and traveling, especially to the west coast where her favorite destinations are Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Yosemite, and anywhere in Montana.

    At Aileron, Kristen is enabled to pursue her passion for leadership development by focusing on the person behind the business. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or by email.

  • Larry Rice
    Facility Specialist
    Larry Rice
    Facility Specialist

    It’s a privilege to work at Aileron as a Facility Specialist who is responsible for supporting day-to-day campus operations and sponsored events. I ensure the needs of staff and external clients are met through supporting the client’s needs and helping them to reach their goals.

  • Jennifer Rohren
    Marketing Coordinator
    Jennifer Rohren
    Marketing Coordinator

    Entrepreneurship runs deep in Jennifer’s family: three generations deep to be exact. As a result, she is naturally passionate and curious about fueling free enterprise. Working at Aileron feels like an extension of her life in and out of the office as she helps push forward the mission to unleash the potential of private businesses through professional management.

    As the Marketing Coordinator, Jennifer enjoys spreading the word and getting the message out that Aileron can make a difference in the lives of small business owners and their respective employees. On any given day, you can find Jennifer helping her team study, plan, execute, and evaluate the marketing strategies that put Aileron in the best position possible.

    Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing, with minors in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Jennifer is happily married to the lucky Craig Rohren and keeps busy spoiling her young daughters whenever possible.

  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    With a passion for proactive leadership, business improvement, and personal development, Tony serves as an energetic mentor and role model for those seeking to lead a fulfilling life inside and outside of business. His experience in strategic planning, business finance, individual advancement, and team cooperation make Tony a well-rounded advisor for small and medium businesses, especially those with a focus on professional services.

    For 22 years, Tony has led Choice One Engineering, a civil engineering firm based in Sidney, Ohio, as President, and now serves as the firm’s CEO. Tony and his fellow Choice One leaders have developed and maintained a unique, down-to-earth company culture rich in enjoyment, cooperation, trust, responsiveness, and success. In 2015, the firm implemented a form of open book management based on “Ownership Thinking” and “Great Game of Business”, through which all employees understand the financial aspects of Choice One’s business. Tony has also been a long-time proponent of the DOC Model, and all Choice One employees participate in the planning and implementation of the company’s strategic plan for business, culture, and future growth.

    After graduating from Ohio Northern University in 1984 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Tony began his career in engineering. After several positions in various roles, Tony and several partners founded Choice One Engineering in 1994. Choice One has grown to include three office locations in western Ohio/eastern Indiana and over 35 employees. Tony’s efforts in company culture and with making Choice One a great place to work has contributed to the firm’s success as the number one “Best Firm to Work For” in the nation in civil engineering for two years in a row, as well as a three-time Dayton Business Journal  “Best Place to Work” in the Dayton region.

    In 2014, Tony earned his iPEC Life Coaching Certification, and has been using this expertise to positively impact the mindsets and lives of his coaching clients, Choice One employees, and his family. He regularly holds both group and individual coaching to help individuals overcome emotional hurdles that may be holding them back from success, fulfillment, and happiness.

    Outside of business, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife Joan and his three grown children Cara, Wade, and Marla. He has a passion for bicycling and has participated in cross-state and cross-country rides on multiple occasions. Always one to seek improvement, he enjoys authors Matthew Kelly, Patrick Lencioni, Lawrence Janesky and others. Finally, he spends time as a volunteer for his local parish, Holy Angels in Sidney, and is a strong advocate for the United Way of Shelby County.

  • Stacy Sheldon
    Marketing Manager
    Stacy Sheldon
    Marketing Manager

    Stacy finds joy in new insights that connect the dots between what’s possible, what’s desired, and how we can get there. Driven by “what’s next,” she enjoys connecting big-picture vision with details to make sense of complex situations. Those strengths, along with her contagious positive attitude, serve her well as Aileron’s Marketing Manager.

    Stacy joined the Aileron community in 2006 when she participated in the Course for Managers and came back in 2014 for the Course for Presidents®. She continued her professional management journey with support from Aileron services like peer groups, business advising, and leadership coaching. In 2019, she joined Aileron as a team member. Prior, Stacy was co-founder and managing partner of a software company, Pomiet, and its innovation startup, Healthii.

    You can find Stacy spending time outdoors with her husband and daughter and their two rescue dogs. If they’re not outside, you can find them in the barn giving treats and attention to their many animals.

  • Phillip Stoller
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Phillip Stoller
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Phillip Stoller is a business advisor, executive coach, entrepreneur, and innovator. Phillip is a professionally certified leadership coach, holds a B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University, and an M.B.A. from Indiana University.  However, he has learned the most through his own entrepreneurial journey.  Along the way, he founded ​​Perma-Column​ and grew the company to an international force within the post-frame industry. In 2014 he had the opportunity to sell the company which is now owned by industry leader Morton Buildings. Since then, he has provided consultation to businesses through ​​Accendo Consulting​ and has found an even deeper level of meaning and purpose in the work he has done at​​Aileron​ advising and coaching leaders from over 150 businesses.

    During his professional journey, experience has taught Phillip the importance of the “human-element” of business. He has found the impact of successfully navigating cultural and relational challenges to be as important in driving business results as some of the more technical work he has helped businesses work through.

    As an avid reader that is passionate about learning, he is always working to find the latest research from Universities and Fortune 500 Companies. He takes great joy in adapting those findings into practical solutions capable of driving businesses of any size to greater success. His insights and empathetic approach to leadership have supported leaders in businesses in the US, Canada, and Europe in industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Professional Trades, and Finance.

    When Phillip isn’t working one-on-one with business leaders, he enjoys sharing his ideas on his website.​

  • Michaela Van Arsdale
    Client Engagement Team
    Michaela Van Arsdale
    Client Engagement Team

    Michaela believes that helping others to succeed is the greatest job you can ever have. With a true passion for the non-profit world and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Wright State University, it was no surprise that she found her way to Aileron.

    As part of the Client Engagement Team, Michaela collaborates with different departments to anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of Aileron’s community of members. Whether it’s preparing for a professional workshop or giving a tour of Aileron’s campus, Michaela goes above and beyond to represent Aileron’s mission while providing an exemplary experience to every individual and organization.

    When she’s not at Aileron, you can find Michaela volunteering for her local church’s children ministry and playing mom to her three rescue puppies. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, Michaela loves to travel with her husband Brian to explore new places, activities, and anything involving food!

  • Wendy Vloedman
    Business Advisor
    Wendy Vloedman
    Business Advisor
    Wendy Vloedman began working with Aileron in 2008 as a facilitator for the President’s Roundtable, which has evolved into the Course for President’s Peer Group. She continues to work with the Aileron team to build and develop the organization’s internal Human Resources systems and practices and to add great talent to the staff. She currently facilitates the Course for President’s Peer Group and the Course for Managers, and she serves on a number of boards for privately held companies in addition to providing Executive Coaching for individual clients.
    She began her 23-year career with The Iams Company as a Territory Sales Representative in 1984 when the company’s staff numbered just over 100, while sales were less than $50 million annually. During her tenure with Iams and later, with Procter & Gamble when The Iams Company was acquired, Wendy moved through roles of sales management, sales training, training & development leadership, and human resources. She served as the Director of Iams University, a prototype of sorts for what would eventually become Aileron, and in 2000 she became the Human Resources leader for P&G Pet Care, a $1.7 billion subsidiary of Procter and Gamble. In that role, Wendy played an active role on the leadership team and spearheaded the integration of the organization’s practices, policies, and culture after The Iams Company was acquired in 1999.
    Wendy brings to privately held business owners her passion and expertise for people development, organizational strategy and change, culture, and performance management. Her deep roots and hands-on, practical experience in the fundamentals of professional management give her a unique perspective in assisting presidents and owners who are committed to establishing stronger professional management processes in their own companies.
    Wendy achieved her BS degree from Western Illinois University and is a certified P&G Executive Coach. For fun, she likes to cook, ride her horse, read, and create fabric art.
  • Sara Wiggershaus
    Client Services Manager
    Sara Wiggershaus
    Client Services Manager

    Growing up as the daughter of a small business owner, Sara has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and business development.  From her time working in the corporate sector as well as having experience in small business ownership, she brings a unique skill set with her to Aileron.  Sara has a desire to help others learn and implement professional management within their organization so that their business, employees and customers can reach their full potential.

    This passion carries over into her work as Client Services Manager for Aileron. In this role, Sara is responsible for leading a team in the delivery of our products and services with special attention to the current and future needs of Aileron’s clients. Her goal is always to create a memorable experience for those who Aileron serves.

    A Cincinnati native, Sara is a graduate of Xavier University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Entrepreneurship. When not at Aileron she can be found cheering on her 3 active girls at their sporting events. On the rare weekend her family is not involved in sports you will probably find Sara, her husband Adam and their girls making memories at the lake.

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