Lead Your Business with Competence and Confidence through Course for Presidents®

Aileron’s flagship workshop teaches you how to implement Aileron’s DOC System in your business. This workshop has empowered thousands of business leaders like you to make meaningful change for more than 25 years.

Whether learning in-person or virtually, in Course for Presidents, you’ll:

  • Use the DOC Model to diagnose core areas of your business
  • Envision the future of your business
  • Put together a plan to address areas of your business that need your attention so you can move your business forward
  • Learn from and with other business leaders who are facing the same challenges
  • Adopt a proactive, intentional mindset to take charge of your thoughts, your business, and your life
  • Meet one-on-one with an Aileron Business Advisor to ensure you maintain your momentum and move your business forward
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Leave Course for Presidents Armed with a Custom Growth Plan

When you register for Course for Presidents, you’ll receive coaching from an Aileron Business Advisor. Together you’ll put together a custom Growth Plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Onboard Your Team to the DOC System

The DOC System creates the most positive change when it’s implemented across your leadership and management team – and we can help. We offer three levels of DOC System implementation workshops, each designed for specific roles within your organization.

Course for Presidents® Activating Professional Management Understanding Professional Management
Who Presidents, owners, and CEOs Senior-level executives Directors and managers
What A deep dive into the DOC System complete with a custom growth plan and one-on-one Business Advising An onboarding for change leaders who want to understand the DOC System and how they can support future growth An overview of the DOC System that creates shared organizational language and knowledge
Business Advising included
Custom Growth Plan included
Estimated Hours of Learning 20-22 18-20 8-10
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Upcoming Dates

Date Location Start Time End Time Registration
May 4–5, 2021 Aileron Campus 8:00 am 5:00 pm Register Now
June 2–3, 2021 Aileron Campus 8:00 am 5:00 pm Register Now
August 3–4, 2021 Aileron Campus 8:00 am 5:00 pm Register Now
October 5–6, 2021 Aileron Campus 8:00 am 5:00 pm Register Now
November 2–3, 2021 Aileron Campus 8:00 am 5:00 pm Register Now

What Our Community is Saying About Course for Presidents

“I’m a skeptical person. I’ve been through a bazillion seminars. By the end of the Course for Presidents, I knew Aileron’s system was exactly what I needed to grow as a leader and to set our company up for our next season of growth.”

David Crnkovich, Follow the Eyes and Quantifi Digital

“The Course for Presidents gave us hope. The Aileron team understood what we were going through and had a system to help us move forward.”

Lisa Wolters, Yellow Springs Brewery

“I learned more about leading my business, and about myself as a leader, during the two days I spent at the Course for Presidents than I have in just about any other setting.”

Cooper Munroe, The Motherhood Inc.

Course for Presidents FAQs

Course for Presidents is intended to be exclusively for business owners, partners, founders, presidents and CEOs. If you want to bring someone with you, it should be someone who is helping you make strategic decisions about the direction of the company. If you bring a business partner, register together and save $600 at checkout.

We have two other workshops – Activating Professional Management and Understanding Professional Management – for senior-level managers, change leaders, and team members.

Course for Presidents is a great resource for companies undergoing a leadership transition. If you’re planning a succession, you should bring the person you’re transitioning the business to. We recommend using your time with your Business Advising to discuss your transition more.

The content in Course for Presidents is designed for people who are out of the startup phase and are looking for the next level of growth, namely companies with ten or more employees and more than $1M in revenue. A lot of the content focuses on leadership and culture building, which might not be relevant to a small team, solopreneur, or startup.

The content is Course for Presidents is designed for for-profit, privately owned small business leaders. Some of the content may be relevant to nonprofit management, but some may not be.

The content is Course for Presidents is designed for privately owned small business leaders. Some of the content may be relevant to corporate management, but some may not be.

You’ll spend your time together building a Growth Plan – a clear path to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

People from around the world attend Course for Presidents. And since it’s designed for business owners and CEOs, you can expect to be surrounded by leaders facing the same problems as you. You’ll learn from your facilitator and your peers in a small group setting of 10-20 participants.

Course for Presidents is industry agnostic. Business leaders from manufacturing to micro-brewing have transformed their businesses through this work. We can’t guarantee that there will or won’t be someone from your industry in the room.

You will get some pre-work via email, but you don’t need to do anything in advance of that.

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