• Financial Flashback: Looking Back at the Financial Forecast of 2020 | Aileron

Financial Flashback: Looking Back at the Financial Forecast of 2020

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Thoughts from Lindsey Bahr, Director of Finance and Administration  Leveraging the power of transparency to release fear in uncertainty When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of us were thrown into uncertain and stress-provoking situations. Those situations can stir up fearful and worrisome thoughts: Am I going to lose my job? Will there be enough cash to make it through [ Read More ]

3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating New Opportunities

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You and your team likely don’t have a shortage of ideas; in fact, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you struggle with idea overwhelm, which can lead to a shortage of one of your most valuable resources: time. Selecting the right opportunities to spend time on is critical for businesses of all sizes. Every opportunity – a public speaking engagement, a [ Read More ]

  • Want to 'Get out of the Way' As a Leader? | Aileron

Want to ‘Get out of the Way’ As a Leader?

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It can be difficult when you lose a great employee.For Tim Rettig, Founder, President, and CEO of Intrust IT, the departure of an employee spurred his decision to put a Holacracy model into place after years of considering it.“That decision was prompted by his departure, and now, he’s actually returned to the company,” says Tim.Tim goes on to explain that if the [ Read More ]

  • This Entrepreneur's Vacation Fixed A Small Business Crisis | Aileron

This Entrepreneur’s Vacation Fixed A Small Business Crisis


When she first launched Student Maid, Kristen Hadeed would create long, comprehensive to-do lists for all her employees. Student Maid is a cleaning and concierge company, but not your typical cleaning company: they only employ students, helping team members grow into self-managing professionals who value flexibility, accountability, and autonomy. With the best of intentions, Kristen says she was doing all the discretionary [ Read More ]

  • What Business School Isn’t Teaching You | Aileron

What Business School Isn’t Teaching You

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We sat down with Ed Baker, author of The Symphony of Profound Knowledge, to talk about the motivation behind writing his latest book, including what he says was the most challenging and rewarding part of the process. “This book provides a framework to think differently about organizations, in contrast to what business schools teach,” Ed tells us. “Living is [ Read More ]

  • 5 Ways To Build A Culture Of Ownership | Aileron

5 Ways To Build A Culture Of Ownership

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One hot and humid Saturday morning at Tasty Catering, a supervisor, Steven, noticed one of his team members was loading Indiana-bound equipment onto a truck headed for Wisconsin. Seeing what would be a costly mistake, he yelled, “What is the matter with you? How dumb can you be?” to his colleague. A culinary worker named Hugo Rios-Tellez was one of [ Read More ]

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