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  • How to Make Every Conversation a Powerful One | Aileron

How to Make Every Conversation a Powerful One

2021-08-10T09:20:08-04:00Culture, Leadership, People Development|

Thoughts from Aileron Business Advisor Wes Gipe  The average person says approximately 16,000 words per day. That’s an average of 3 hours per day spent talking. To put this in perspective, every two days, we speak enough words to write a long novel.  How much of those three hours per day is spoken with true intent?  One of my favorite workshops to facilitate is Leading [ Read More ]

  • What is the Least Valuable Work You Do? | Aileron

What is the Least Valuable Work You Do? Here’s How to Find Out.


Your time is valuable. In order to successfully plan and execute work, we must intentionally use our time in a way that produces the most value. How do you determine what work you do is most valuable, and what is least valuable? Isn’t everything you do valuable at some level? Yes – but that value varies significantly. If you were asked to put an hourly value [ Read More ]

  • Check the Pulse of Your Company Culture | Aileron

Check the Pulse of Your Company Culture With These Questions

2021-06-17T09:51:16-04:00Business Structure, Organizational Performance|

In SnackNation’s early years, CEO Sean Kelly was afraid of hearing raw and honest feedback from his team. “Even though I cared massively about what people were feeling, and how they felt the organization was serving them, I was a little bit scared to get feedback in the most open and vulnerable way,” says Sean. SnackNation delivers healthy snacks [ Read More ]

  • Financial Flashback: Looking Back at the Financial Forecast of 2020 | Aileron

Financial Flashback: Looking Back at the Financial Forecast of 2020

2021-02-03T10:36:57-05:00Aileron News, Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Strategy, Uncategorized|

Thoughts from Lindsey Bahr, Director of Finance and Administration  Leveraging the power of transparency to release fear in uncertainty When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of us were thrown into uncertain and stress-provoking situations. Those situations can stir up fearful and worrisome thoughts: Am I going to lose my job? Will there be enough cash to make it through [ Read More ]

Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You

2020-12-22T09:36:01-05:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, eating food based on what’s convenient, and missing out on time with your family… These and other stressors can be draining for a small business owner: physically, emotionally, and mentally. At times, it may even seem you have to keep sacrificing your health for the sake of your business. But health and [ Read More ]

Using Conscious Conversations to Build Understanding and Connection

2020-06-15T11:46:32-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

During times when it feels like difference is standing in the way of dialogue, lean into listening to better understand and communicate with each other.   At Aileron, we practice conscious leadership. It’s an approach to leadership that blends heightened awareness, suspended judgement, and intentionality to empower us to bring our best selves to every role, situation, and conversation. Conscious [ Read More ]

Community Learning: Results of the Responsible Restart Community Insights Survey

2020-05-26T08:01:27-04:00Culture, Organizational Performance|

Aileron  is  driven by our values of  community  and transparency.  Just like you, we’re processing the world around us as it  unfolds,  and  we are interested in how you are adjusting  to  the  new  safe business  practices.   We created a survey to learn how our community is adjusting to operating their businesses according to the re-entry guidelines. Our goal was to [ Read More ]

4 Ways To Foster A Culture Of Respect & Accountability

2020-11-16T13:40:09-05:00Culture, Organizational Performance, People Development|

Value Added Packaging (VAP) has an Elite Customer Service Standard. It’s a standard that all customer service team members agree to and sign off on as soon as they join the VAP team. (Headquartered in Ohio, VAP offers custom corrugated packaging manufacturing solutions.) That service experience includes a 30-minute response time when dealing with customers. “It’s just respectful. For one, [ Read More ]

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