Aileron’s DOC System: Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You

The Aileron DOC System empowers leaders to identify and address areas of their business that need their attention without losing sight of the rest of the business. The result is a future-oriented focus that emphasizes working on the business, not in it.

Grow Intentionally

Working with the DOC System means working on your business instead of being stuck working in it. You’ll grow to lead change instead of reacting to it.

Lead Confidently

The DOC System gives you a framework for establishing a vision for the future and leading your team and your business toward it.

Start Today

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our established system to assess your business and start your growth journey today.

Get to Know the DOC System

Aileron’s DOC System emphasizes three core activities and six building blocks that support them.

Thriving businesses place emphasis on three core activities, also known as DOC.

  • Direction: Setting the vision
  • Operation: Aligning the team
  • Control: Staying the course

Those core activities are supported by six building blocks, areas of a business that need to be managed thoughtfully and proactively in order for the organization to grow forward.



Growing self-awareness to better understand and show up intentionally for yourself and others.


Creating competitive advantage and clarifying the plan for the future.


Business Structure

Aligning the business, teams, and resources toward the vision.

People Development

Evolving individual and team talent to meet the business’s needs today and tomorrow.



Fostering an environment and behaviors that bring the business’s values to life.

Organizational Performance

Experimenting, testing, and learning to improve the business’s systems, processes, and results.

Discover and Implement the DOC System in the Course for Presidents®

Aileron’s flagship workshop jumpstarts your journey to implementing the DOC System in your business. This workshop has empowered thousands of business leaders like you to make meaningful change for more than 25 years.

Start with Course for Presidents

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Implement the DOC System Across Your Business

Aileron offers three levels of DOC System implementation workshops, each designed to onboard specific roles within your organization.

Course for Presidents® Activating Professional Management Understanding Professional Management
Who Presidents, owners, and CEOs Senior-level executives Directors and managers
What A deep dive into the DOC System complete with a custom growth plan and one-on-one Business Advising An onboarding for change leaders who want to understand the DOC System and how they can support future growth An overview of the DOC System that creates shared organizational language and knowledge
Business Advising included
Custom Growth Plan included
Estimated Hours of Learning 20-22 18-20 8-10
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Have Questions? We’re Here to Help.

When you tell us you’re ready to learn more, your Aileron journey can begin with a simple conversation that costs you nothing more than your time. The session is casual and candid; you don’t need to come with anything prepared. We’ll talk through what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to be.