Grow Your Organization with Aileron’s DOC System for Running a Thriving Business

Aileron is a community of business leaders using the DOC System – a proven approach to run a thriving business that has empowered thousands of leaders to grow or transform their businesses.

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“I no longer work crazy hours, no longer feel torn with stress, and no longer have to fight to keep the doors open, like in the early years… Now, I know how to work ON my business rather than IN it.”

Joe Berninger, Executive Director and co-founder of The Cooperative for Education

What is the DOC System?

Aileron’s DOC System gives you a proven framework and intentional time to work on your business. As you learn and implement the DOC System, a team of coaches, advisors, facilitators, peers and allies will support and challenge you so you aren’t alone on your leadership journey.


With the Doc System, go from feeling …

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Running your business is challenging work

If you’re like most business owners, working in your business is easier than working on it. Many leaders lack the systems their organizations need to grow forward. But while you’re in the weeds of the day-to-day, your business might be lacking the leadership it needs from you, which can leave you feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Enjoy a Thriving Business

The best way to get started with Aileron is through the Course for Presidents®. It’s our introduction to our system for running a thriving business, and it’s designed specifically for presidents, business owners, and CEOs.

In the Course for Presidents, you’ll explore the DOC System, learn how to implement it across your organization, assess which areas of your business need your attention, and put together a plan to address them. The program includes one-on-one time with an Aileron Business Advisor who works with you to understand your unique challenges and goals guides you to strategies and resources to move forward.

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“Aileron is different. They know what works in the real world. The Course for Presidents helped me implement practices I didn’t even know we needed. Now our company is focused, positive and better positioned to serve customers.”

Jeff Gordons, CEO, Infinity Computer Solutions

Aileron’s Course for Presidents has helped thousands of leaders run thriving businesses with confidence

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When you tell us you’re ready to learn more, your Aileron journey can begin with a conversation that’s casual and candid; you don’t need to come with anything prepared. We’ll talk through what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to be.

“Our company was facing a serious disagreement within our founder group. After taking the Course for Presidents and working with an Aileron Business Advisor, our founder group is aligned and we love our business again!”

Amanda Prescott, Co-Founder, Prestige Paining

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